101 Parts Web Design

Client: 101 Parts (Able Engineering Ltd)

Date: June 1, 2016

Categories: Design For Web / Image Editing

While been at Vizulate Digital a client wanted us to update there website, so it was responsive across all devices and could be found easier on search engines (SEO)

I created three homepage mock-up designs for the new site. The team then had a meeting to discuss which where the best two to send off to the client.  Let the client pick the best between the two designs.

I designed the mock-ups in Adobe Illustrator. CSS code was produced for some of the elements to help the developers create the site on the web.

I was in charge of creating the three designs for the home page, a product archive page and a single product page. I also created three banner designs which the client saw withing the mock-ups.

Homepage – www.101parts.co.uk

Archive Page – www.101parts.co.uk/product-category/engine

Single Product Page – www.101parts.co.uk/shop/engine/carburettor-service-kit-2

Please take a moment to visit the sites

Software used:

Adobe-Ai-icon2   Adobe Illustrator

Adobe-Ps-icon2   Adobe Photoshop

101Parts-Homepage-Optimized   Archive-Page-Optimized   Single-Product-Page-Optimized