Flood Guard & Cav Extract Web design

Client: Flood Guard & Cav Extract

Date: April 21, 2016

Categories: Design For Web / Image Editing

While working a Vizulate digital a client asked to design and build a website for their brand. The company was FloodGuard, and they supplied flood defence systems to people in danger of been flooded.

When the site was designed and developed they then asked if we could create another site for another one of their businesses. CavExtract which supply a service of installing wall insulation.

Vizulate digital suggested that the two sites to be similar so that anyone seeing the two sites would automatically recognize that the two sites were linked.

The client had a number of businesses that were all in the same line of business. It was called the ‘Diversity Network’

I designed the websites in Adobe Illustrator. I produced some CSS coding for curtain components from within illustrator to be passed on to the developers.

I also created the banners using Adobe Photoshop (for raster images)

I designed all the pages given to me in the brief


Homepage – www.floodguard.com

Product page – www.floodguard.com/barriers-doors-windows

Landing page to receive leads – www.floodguard.com/flood-resilience-grants (the form at the top of the page was changed from the original design)


Homepage – www.cavextract.com

Informational page – www.cavextract.com/flood-or-water-damaged-cavity-wall-remediation

Please take a moment to visit the sites

Software used:

Adobe-Ai-icon2  Adobe Illustrator

Adobe-Ps-icon2 Adobe Photoshop


FloodGuard-Homepage-Optimized   FloodGuard-ProductPage-Optimized   Flood-Guard-Grant-Landing-Page-Optimized


CavExtract-Homepage-Optimized   CavExtract-LandingPage-Optimized