JGE Flyer Advert

Client: JGE Wholesale

Date: December 2, 2014

Categories: Design For Print / Image Editing

While working at Vizulate Digital I was tasked with designing some flyers to be handed out at one of the client’s promotional events.

The client supplied me with the product images they wanted on the flyer, along with the text.

To create the flyer I removed the white background from the product images and added a filter to them to make them more prominent on the flyer. I then came up with several design layouts for the flyer. This was the layout they chose.

The flyer was A5 size and double sided.

Software used:

Adobe-Ai-icon2  Adobe Illustrator

Adobe-Ps-icon2  Adobe Photoshop

(click for high quality image)

 JGE-A5-Flyern_Front JGE-A5-Flyern_Back