JGE Magazine Advert

Client: JGE Wholesales

Date: January 18, 2014

Categories: Design For Print / Image Editing

While working at Vizulate Digital I had the opportunity to create a full-page advert for a wholesale jewellers supplying exclusively to the pawnbroking industry. The magazine the ad would be placed in was ‘The Pawnbroker’.

To create the magazine advert I removed the white background from the product images and added a filter to them to make them more prominent on the advert’s background. I then came up with a suitable layout for the ad that allowed the client to advertise their product but also get across their key marketing messages.

The magazine add was on A4

Software used:

Adobe-Ai-icon2  Adobe Illustrator

Adobe-Ps-icon2  Adobe Photoshop

(click for high quality image)