Milk Bottle Waterfall

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Date: February 2, 2017

Categories: Image Editing

Milk Bottle Waterfall Click Thumbnail to see image full screen

This image was created using Adobe Photoshop using a range of images. The image was inspired by my love of nature and traveling. I wanted to create an image that involved everyday objects (bowl and bottle) with something beautiful from nature.

All the images where taken from stock image websites –, and I also used some pre made bushes for the splashes and spray at the bottom of the waterfall which was downloaded from

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Here are all the images I used to create the finished piece;

Bowl  Milk-Bottle

Water   Table

Stone-Rocks   Landscape

Canoe                  redwood-tree

Waterfall   Sky

The Photoshop File – With all my layers named appropriately


Click Button to watch the build of the Image. It doesn’t show how the image was created or the effects added , it goes from a blank canvas to my finished image.

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