Ryan Electrical Ltd Web Design

Client: Ryan Electrical Contractors Ltd

Date: April 15, 2017

Categories: Design For Web / Image Editing

At the begging of 2017 Ryan Electrical Contractors Ltd went live with their new website, replacing their old, non-responsive website.

Their existing website ‘did a job’ but could have been doing so much more for the business. The Owner of Ryan Electrical knew this and had wanted to redevelop the website for some time, but running an in-demand nationwide domestic and commercial electrical company he simply didn’t have the time to sit down and flesh out his vision for the website.

Which is where Vizulate Digital (the company I work for) came into place. I designed the whole homepage, the archive service page, and the single service page. I also created the images and icons for the site. Once all the elements were ready, the development team created the site.

The site can be found at: www.ryanltd.co.uk

Software used

 Adobe Illustrator

  Adobe Photoshop

(click to enlarge) Not in any particular order

Homepage, case study, archive service page & single service page