Water & Rodent Non-Return Valve (Video)

Client: The Flood Company

Date: August 28, 2015

Categories: Motion Graphics

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The Flood Company wanted to produce a product demonstration for a revolutionary new flood defence and pest control product they had designed and manufactured. The Water And Rodent Non-Return Valve.

The client wanted to highlight the risk of flooding and rodent infestation to property owners and how installation of the product could reduce these risks. The product is unique because it is the only valve that can open on a bend and has a stainless steel plate built in at manufacturing stage. It has many other unique features that the video demonstrates.

For this project I was in contact with The Flood Company’s product design and manufacturing team that used CAD (computer-aided design) to develop the initial prototype and final product that is now available to purchase. Using their .obj file I imported it into Cinema4D to get a 3D view of the product and demonstrate how the product works.

Software used:

Adobe-Ai-icon2  Adobe Illustrator

Adobe-Ae-icon2  Adobe After Effects

C4D_Logo2  Maxon Cinema4D

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Cinema4D-ScreenShot  Working NRV0165