Water and Rodent Non-Return Valve

Client: The Flood Company

Date: September 2, 2015

Categories: Design For Web / Image Editing

I was asked to create a graphic for an email campaign for The Flood Company’s new product, The Water and Rodent Non-Return Valve.

The valve is designed to stop back-flow into properties during flooding. It also prevents rodents and reptiles entering the property.

The rodents, reptiles, the valve and the water, were all taken from individual stock images. I had to cut them out and implement them on to a new background. I added a shadow to the animals and valve.

For a separate campaign the company asked me to create a similar image to highlight the stainless steel plate at the front of the valve – a unique feature designed to stop rodents chewing through the valve.


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Software used:

Adobe-Ai-icon2  Adobe Illustrator

Adobe-Ps-icon2  Adobe Photoshop